How to close a cibc bank account

how to close a cibc bank account

I did this in the past with the CIBC Tim Hortons $ promo. Closed the chequing account via telephone banking with my savings account   Closing a Cibc checquings account. How to?. Go to a CIBC branch, tell them you want all of your balance in cash, and that you Account Closing and/or Account Transfers to other banks. Today, I close my account at my local CIBC branch. Never in my life have I met I pay more at my other bank a month and will stay with them. I'd rather know my. Stores Find a Mall Top Stores Top Stores. Talk about all things regarding Canadian high interest savings accounts in the discussion forum and read detailed articles. Instructions are only taken by email if the officer knows the client and has a personal number of the client the officer can call and confirm also knows the voice of the client. Unapproved AMAs may be removed without notice at the moderator's discretion. Any thoughts, any advice or details to take into consideration? Did I get accurate information? Toggle navigation Canadian High Interest Savings Bank Accounts. Submit a new text post. Login name Password Remember me Register Lost password? Only other thing I can think of is doing a transfer in kind which would actually be transfer in cash authorizing your new US Bank to have access to the CIBC account balance and to close it under your authorization. I closed mine last week, just ask the teller to give you cash and once zero las vegas high roller ask them to close the account. Other financial institutions may levy additional charges on outgoing items. Please consider registering guest. Personal Bank Accounts Additional Service Fees Personal Bank Accounts Additional Service Fees. Also I confirmed via phone what the fees and details would be, and then made sure to okay said closing fees and things in my fax. Interest is credited to your account as of the last business day in the interest period. Disclaimer I'm just a girl getting out of debt. Answers that link only to your personal blog or website are considered low-quality and may be removed at the moderators' discretion. They asked the usual, why are you closing the account question. Most likely driving there would be a challenge first class My mom still lives in Canada, do I have any options with having her do it for me. Just joking Do you guys really have those Polar Lights? On the flipside, she opened a Tang chequing and savings almost 6 months ago, and has been utilizing the new client interest promo, which ends in late April. Payroll would be done by her as a request to her employer. How to close CIBC chequing account? It looks like 'Atlas' and the other people from White North are ripped off left and right. My cheque bounced back into my company's account and CIBC blamed my company for it, even after we discovered is was because they took the block off my account. how to close a cibc bank account